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Letitia Howell

How to Spend Less When Hiring a Handyman

One of the reasons why most people hire a handyman instead of hiring a contractor is the low cost of his services. He has the knowledge to carry out multiple tasks which means you will not have to hire different people for the tasks at hand. To make it even better, handyman charge by the hour and if you can get him to complete as many tasks as possible within that hour, you will save a lot.

The following are some great tips to help you save money when hiring a handyman:

  • Write down the tasks you want the handyman to handle before contacting him: as a way of preparing for your project, note down all the tasks you want the handyman to tackle. Based on your budget, you will then inform the handyman about the number of hours you will afford to hire him.

When such measures are in place, there will be no chance of the handyman running out of tasks before the agreed time is over. It will also ensure that you do not end up spending more when the handyman works beyond the agreed time.

  • Hire a Local Handyman: When working with a local handyman, the cost will be lower as he will not incur transport expenditure when coming to your home. He will be able to get to your home on short notice, complete your task, and have enough time to attend to other clients.
  • Buy the materials the handyman requires for the project: Instead of relying on the handyman to get the products. You will save on the transportation cost and other additional charges you’d have incurred if the handyman made the purchases.
  • Handle Some of the Tasks: if you have the time, you can handle tasks such as unpacking the materials and cleaning up after the job is done. This will reduce the amount of time the handyman will spend on your project which, in return, will make you spend less on your project. In any case, you will do a better job cleaning your house after the project compared to what the handyman can handle.
  • Handle Your Project During Off-peak: there are times when the handyman will be too busy and getting his attention will be an uphill task. During this time, the cost of his services will be higher. There are other times especially during winter when there are no jobs and you’ll find multiple handymen competing for the same project. If you can schedule your project during off-peak, you’ll get the services of the best handyman at a lower cost.

Another way of spending less on hiring a handyman is to get a person who loves what he does like For instance, if you are installing a new deck, get a person who has a passion for building decks. He will do a better job compared to the less passionate and will also spend less time on the project. Fewer hours on a project means the amount you’ll pay for the service is also less.

When buying the materials for the project at hand, it will be better to buy them in bulk as the cost will be lower. You will also get a discount and free transportation if the store has this offer on bulk purchases.

The right handyman is not the one whose charges are too low but one who will make your dreams a reality. You’d rather spend more instead of paying less, only to incur more losses when the job is not successful.

Effective Ogden Advertising Strategies

The key to the success of any business is creating awareness of its existence to both local and international clients. If people are not aware that you sell a particular product or service, there is no way they will contact you if they need it and this is where advertising comes in.

The following are key strategies that you can incorporate in Ogden advertising to ensure that you are able to reach a bigger audience in your advertising campaigns:

  • Post relevant content on your website: Since your website will be the first contact that potential clients will have with your company, ensure that all the information they will need is accessible. You should also ensure that the website is easy to navigate and is attractive so that you can get the attention of the person who is seeking the kind of service that you are providing.
  • Blogging: You should write regular blog posts that are relevant to your target audience and provide an opportunity for them to submit a feedback after reading the posts. Using appropriate keywords will be needed as they will determine your ranking in the search engines. You can also encourage your readers to share the content through social media platforms which will ensure that even those who have not accessed your website are made aware of your existence.
  • Use of monthly press release: Some of the local newspapers will print your press releases for free which will be a great way of advertising your business. The locals in Ogden will know of the existence of your business as they read your posts in the local dailies and the more interested the posts are, the more they will take pleasure in doing business with you.
  • Ensure your business is listed on popular Ogden local directories: Ensuring that your business has been listed in the local directories will make the locals aware of the services you offer and they will feel more confident in dealing with a listed business. Some of the most popular directories include Google, Yahoo, Yellowbook, and LinkedIn, among others.
  • Remain active on social media platforms: Interacting with potential clients using your social media page is important in getting more people to know more about you. You can post an interesting question that will get the interest of your target audience and in the process, and with time, the people commenting will become regular followers who will be easy to convert into customers. You can also share some of the blog posts on social media and encourage the people reading them to share on their timeline.

Attending local networking events is also a great advertising tool as the possibility of meeting new clients is very high. You will also be able to learn what the people in the same line of business as you are doing to get more clients as well as retain more clients and then apply what you have learned when advertising your business. Sponsoring local events is another Ogden advertising strategy that will increase the awareness of your business to the locals. They will recognize your brand and when they need a service that you can provide, they will not hesitate to contact you.


What to Do When a Vehicle Flips Over

The car rolling over or flipping upside down is a horror film going live. It is something that belongs to the movies. There could be numerous reasons causing it like an animal jumping in front of the car or a car ahead suddenly slamming on its brakes. The flipping over is most common during the rainy season when the car is likely to lose control and spin and flip upside down. If ever you find yourself in such a situation, a natural reaction would be to panic and get terrified. However, tow truck service experts advise otherwise. They suggest you to follow the below mentioned tips at that time.

Try to remain calm

It is natural that you would panic during a roll-over and feel as if you have stopped breathing. Asking you to remain calm in that situation is too tall a task. Still, you must remain as calm as possible because panicking will only take away your ability to think and judge which will add-on to the existing hazard. You need to get everything in your favor to survive. The calmer and focused you are while the vehicle is flipping, the more will be your chances to come out of it intact.

Ready yourself and brace for impact

When your car begins to tip and you realize that it’s going to tip over; your first instinct is to grip the steering wheel more tightly. What you do not realize is that the force of the impact will move from the tires to the steering wheel and cause you injury. Thus, in reality, you need to leave the steering wheel as well as release your legs from the pedals to prevent ankle breakage. The best position to brace for impact is to cross your arms over your chest and press yourself deep into the seat while using your legs to support yourself. Leaning forward will increase the probability of arm breaks and traumatic brain injury. Simultaneously, remain aware of your surroundings and steer clear of the roof just in case the frame of the vehicle has started to collapse onto you.

Check for injury and shut off the engine

Once the car is no longer rolling over, try to stabilize yourself by putting your feet against the floor and check for injuries. If you have passengers in the car, they should do the same. There could be broken glasses in your hair, blood tickling or any other injury which will not be immediately felt or noticed because of the traumatic incident. Any injured person should not be moved. The first thing you need to do is turn off the engine of the car and check out of you can make an exit. Turning off the engine will stop any possible fire due to gasoline leaks that are inevitable during the accident.

Exiting the vehicle

Now you need to exit the vehicle as fast as you can especially if you see flames. In case you are uninjured, reach towards the ceiling with one hand for support and stabilizing your feet, undo the seat belt. You need to be extra careful as this is the phase when maximum injuries occur. Check if the door can be unlocked and opened free or if you can break a window and escape from there. Be careful of any glass shards or debris. Once you are out, try to get the passengers out of the car and move as much away from the vehicle as possible, just in case a fire breaks out.

Call 9-1-1

In case anybody is seriously injured and needs immediate medical attention, call 9-1-1. In case there is no medical emergency, you can start taking pictures as proof of what has happened. These pictures would prove crucial when you are trying to claim insurance and even for attorney in case it is required. They would help you build your case solidly.

Give a buzz to your tow truck service

Once you have made a call to the necessary authorities, you should call to your tow truck service that you must have booked beforehand so that you can receive the require help. Most tow truck services specialize in such mishaps like lockouts, driving hazards, tire changes etc. Getting their services would be the perfect savior.



Protecting Yourself From a Bad Tow Truck Service Company

An emergency is not something that will inform you before arriving or allow you time to prepare yourself. The same goes for a sudden car breakdown out of the blue. At that time, you cannot do anything except avail of a tow truck service. In case, you are not prepared for it; you might land up with a terrible tow company and your experience after the accident or breakdown might be worse than the vehicle dying on you. Thus, it is much better to have a contingency plan in place and execute all necessary steps much in advance to shield yourself from any bad tow truck service company. Read on:

Procure a pre-approved list of companies from your insurance company

There is a rare chance that your vehicle will not be insured. Thus, it would be smart to utilize their services to the maximum. You might be surprised but many insurance companies help find their customers, reliable and authentic towing companies. Insurance company needs to deal with towing companies more often than we credit them for. They are thus able to set apart the bad apples from the good ones easily. Keeping the emergency number of your insurance company would save you plenty of headaches in times of crisis.

Ensure the round the clock service and full insurance of the towing company

You might require roadside assistance at any given time and thus your tow truck service must be able to cater to you even at ungodly hours. Even if you are calling at the middle of the night or at the break of dawn, you must have help in shortest possible time. Simultaneously, check into the insurance of the tow company and verify that they are completely insured. This would make things easier for you as they would then quietly pay for any damages inflicted by them on the vehicle during towing. They should also have all the required licensing to operate as well as all credentials to execute the job. Avoid all companies not authorized by the state like a plague.

Know the costs involved and ask for the break-up of charges

There are plenty of costs involved in towing a vehicle. The most common charges involved are the cost of towing, security, storage, recovery and admin charges. Many can have their own miscellaneous charges. Hence, it is important that you ask for the breakdown of charges and verify that you are not overcharged or unnecessarily charged. Try to keep the bill within your insurance limits as you will be required to foot the remaining part from your pocket. Always get the numbers in writing so that there is no discrepancy afterward.

Check out feedback and reviews online

Nobody speaks the truth about a tow truck service better than its previous and existing clouds. Today, most voice their opinions and feelings eloquently over the net. Remember to scout it and even go head and have a verbal chat with few customers about their experiences. This will protect you from bad companies to a great extent.

Miscellaneous tips

Apart from it, few other cautions that you can exercise are:-

  • Never let a tow truck service representative contact the insurer or speak to anybody on your behalf.
  • Know about the yard location of the tow truck company. Most likely, you would need to fetch your vehicle from there.
  • Remember to take pictures after the accident, before the towing and after the towing so that you can prove the damage as the towing company’s fault and obtain compensation from them.

Wrapping up

Unfortunately, the towing industry is infiltrated by shady individuals to a high extent. Thus, it becomes essential that you identify the scammers and throw them out and pass business only to the right company. A little hassle and time initially would save you much trouble later on.

Important Tips When Looking for Towing Services

No one is ever prepared for that day when you will require towing services. You can get stuck on the road at any time and when it happens, the first thing that crosses your mind is getting to Google search engine and browsing for towing services. However, there is need to consider the following before picking the phone to call a towing company:

  • Recommendation from friends, your insurance company, or your family: A person who has ever been in your situation before is in the best place to know how towing companies operate. It will, therefore, be important to seek their opinion so that you make an informed decision.

You can also call your insurance company and ask for recommendations on the best towing company and you will get help in choosing a credible company.

  • Availability: You should opt for a towing company that will provide their services any time they are needed. Some towing companies will take a long time to respond to a customer’s call leading to a lot of inconvenience on your side. Always choose a company that provides prompt services within the shortest possible time.
  • Fulfillment of legal requirements: The towing company chosen must have a license to offer towing services and must also be insured. If a company is operating without valid documents, it cannot be trusted to offer credible services.
  • Cost of towing services: you should inquire the charges of the towing service’ and if possible ask if they will agree on a fixed price. You should trust a company that is transparent and one that does not have hidden charges.
  • Good customer service practices: The staff in a towing company should be friendly to the customers and have a good knowledge of the business at hand. A reputable company with unreliable staff cannot be trusted.
  • Extra services offered: You should check out for a company that offers other services besides towing. Such services could include jumpstarting services, heavy duty towing services, and also lockout services.
  • Customers’ reviews of the towing companies: You can search online for reviews of customers who have used the services of different towing companies and choose the company with the most positive reviews.
  • Location of the towing company: You should check a towing company that can easily get to the place where you need the services. With this, you can be sure that they will get to you faster than the company that is located far from your location.
  • Size of your vehicle: You should choose a towing company that has a towing truck that is strong enough to tow your vehicle. For instance, if you’re a vehicle is a trailer, you will need a company that specializes in heavy equipment.

The choice of a towing company will also be determined by the reason you need the towing services. Some companies offer specialized services and you will only get help from them if your problem falls into the category of the services offered. It is important to choose and establish contact with a company before an issue that requires the services of a towing company arises. When this is done, you will have a reliable company to help you instead of making a wrong choice when you are in problems. Do not accept the services of a towing truck you are not familiar with as your safety as well as that of your vehicle is not guaranteed.




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