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How to Spend Less When Hiring a Handyman

One of the reasons why most people hire a handyman instead of hiring a contractor is the low cost of his services. He has the knowledge to carry out multiple tasks which means you will not have to hire different people for the tasks at hand. To make it even better, handyman charge by the hour and if you can get him to complete as many tasks as possible within that hour, you will save a lot.

The following are some great tips to help you save money when hiring a handyman:

  • Write down the tasks you want the handyman to handle before contacting him: as a way of preparing for your project, note down all the tasks you want the handyman to tackle. Based on your budget, you will then inform the handyman about the number of hours you will afford to hire him.

When such measures are in place, there will be no chance of the handyman running out of tasks before the agreed time is over. It will also ensure that you do not end up spending more when the handyman works beyond the agreed time.

  • Hire a Local Handyman: When working with a local handyman, the cost will be lower as he will not incur transport expenditure when coming to your home. He will be able to get to your home on short notice, complete your task, and have enough time to attend to other clients.
  • Buy the materials the handyman requires for the project: Instead of relying on the handyman to get the products. You will save on the transportation cost and other additional charges you’d have incurred if the handyman made the purchases.
  • Handle Some of the Tasks: if you have the time, you can handle tasks such as unpacking the materials and cleaning up after the job is done. This will reduce the amount of time the handyman will spend on your project which, in return, will make you spend less on your project. In any case, you will do a better job cleaning your house after the project compared to what the handyman can handle.
  • Handle Your Project During Off-peak: there are times when the handyman will be too busy and getting his attention will be an uphill task. During this time, the cost of his services will be higher. There are other times especially during winter when there are no jobs and you’ll find multiple handymen competing for the same project. If you can schedule your project during off-peak, you’ll get the services of the best handyman at a lower cost.

Another way of spending less on hiring a handyman is to get a person who loves what he does like For instance, if you are installing a new deck, get a person who has a passion for building decks. He will do a better job compared to the less passionate and will also spend less time on the project. Fewer hours on a project means the amount you’ll pay for the service is also less.

When buying the materials for the project at hand, it will be better to buy them in bulk as the cost will be lower. You will also get a discount and free transportation if the store has this offer on bulk purchases.

The right handyman is not the one whose charges are too low but one who will make your dreams a reality. You’d rather spend more instead of paying less, only to incur more losses when the job is not successful.