Protecting Yourself From a Bad Tow Truck Service Company

An emergency is not something that will inform you before arriving or allow you time to prepare yourself. The same goes for a sudden car breakdown out of the blue. At that time, you cannot do anything except avail of a tow truck service. In case, you are not prepared for it; you might land up with a terrible tow company and your experience after the accident or breakdown might be worse than the vehicle dying on you. Thus, it is much better to have a contingency plan in place and execute all necessary steps much in advance to shield yourself from any bad tow truck service company. Read on:

Procure a pre-approved list of companies from your insurance company

There is a rare chance that your vehicle will not be insured. Thus, it would be smart to utilize their services to the maximum. You might be surprised but many insurance companies help find their customers, reliable and authentic towing companies. Insurance company needs to deal with towing companies more often than we credit them for. They are thus able to set apart the bad apples from the good ones easily. Keeping the emergency number of your insurance company would save you plenty of headaches in times of crisis.

Ensure the round the clock service and full insurance of the towing company

You might require roadside assistance at any given time and thus your tow truck service must be able to cater to you even at ungodly hours. Even if you are calling at the middle of the night or at the break of dawn, you must have help in shortest possible time. Simultaneously, check into the insurance of the tow company and verify that they are completely insured. This would make things easier for you as they would then quietly pay for any damages inflicted by them on the vehicle during towing. They should also have all the required licensing to operate as well as all credentials to execute the job. Avoid all companies not authorized by the state like a plague.

Know the costs involved and ask for the break-up of charges

There are plenty of costs involved in towing a vehicle. The most common charges involved are the cost of towing, security, storage, recovery and admin charges. Many can have their own miscellaneous charges. Hence, it is important that you ask for the breakdown of charges and verify that you are not overcharged or unnecessarily charged. Try to keep the bill within your insurance limits as you will be required to foot the remaining part from your pocket. Always get the numbers in writing so that there is no discrepancy afterward.

Check out feedback and reviews online

Nobody speaks the truth about a tow truck service better than its previous and existing clouds. Today, most voice their opinions and feelings eloquently over the net. Remember to scout it and even go head and have a verbal chat with few customers about their experiences. This will protect you from bad companies to a great extent.

Miscellaneous tips

Apart from it, few other cautions that you can exercise are:-

  • Never let a tow truck service representative contact the insurer or speak to anybody on your behalf.
  • Know about the yard location of the tow truck company. Most likely, you would need to fetch your vehicle from there.
  • Remember to take pictures after the accident, before the towing and after the towing so that you can prove the damage as the towing company‚Äôs fault and obtain compensation from them.

Wrapping up

Unfortunately, the towing industry is infiltrated by shady individuals to a high extent. Thus, it becomes essential that you identify the scammers and throw them out and pass business only to the right company. A little hassle and time initially would save you much trouble later on.